Welcome Statement

Welcome to Pupkeen, where our love for dogs drives everything we do. Founded in 2015 by Umar Majeed and DR Burhan, we’ve set out to become your most trusted source of dog pet care advice. Our mission is clear: offer outstanding, science-backed care for your furry friends. With a mix of passion and expertise, we provide services and products that truly stand out.

Our Story

Our journey began with two dog lovers who wanted to make a difference: Umar Majeed and Jane Smith. Spotting a gap in quality dog care, they launched Pupkeen to share their knowledge on a larger scale. The early days were full of challenges, but our commitment never wavered. Quickly, our customer base jumped by 200%. In 2018, we introduced an innovative dog care app, earning the “Best Innovative Pet Care” award the following year.

From publishing insightful articles in top magazines to speaking at prominent conferences, our founders have solidified Pupkeen’s place as a thought leader in pet care. Serving over 500 happy customers and several renowned pet stores stands as a testament to our impact and dedication.

As we keep growing, so does our commitment to making dogs’ lives better while caring for our planet and supporting local communities. Stay tuned as we continue innovating with new toys designed to enrich your dogs’ minds and keeping abreast of the latest in pet care trends. At Pupkeen, we’re more than a company; we’re a community bound by love for dogs and commitment to their wellbeing.

Meet the Team

At Pupkeen, our team is at the heart of everything we achieve. With diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for dogs, each member brings unique expertise to the table.

Umar Majeed co-founded Pupkeen out of deep love for animals. With a degree in Veterinary Science and over ten years of experience, John leads our research and development efforts. His vision guides us toward innovative pet care solutions that have earned accolades and customer praise.

Dr Burhan, also a co-founder, brings her extensive background in animal nutrition to shape our service offerings. Her studies in Animal Science complement her hands-on experience in canine dietary planning. Jane’s articles on dog nutrition help thousands of pet owners provide better care for their furry friends.

Qamar is our Head Trainer, sporting certifications from renowned training programs and a decade of working with dogs across various needs. Alex’s compassionate approach to behavior modification helps deepen the bond between pets and their owners.

Dr. Affan White serves as Pupkeen’s Chief Veterinary Officer. Holding a PhD in Veterinary Medicine with a focus on preventive care, Emily ensures all advice and products meet the highest medical standards. She often shares this knowledge through workshops and articles, empowering our community.

Zohaib, our Community Outreach Coordinator, connects us with pet stores and shelters nationwide. With her Masters in Business Administration focused on Non-Profit Management, she spearheads initiatives that make a real difference in animals’ lives beyond our direct services.

Our Values and Philosophy

Our values shape every decision at Pupkeen. We believe that every dog deserves love and scientifically backed care to live a healthy life.

Quality First: We never compromise on quality. Whether it’s developing an app or creating content for dog owners, excellence is our standard.

Science-Based: Our approach to pet care rests firmly on current veterinary science and nutritional studies to ensure your pets receive the best advice possible.

Community Engagement: Giving back is part of who we are. Supporting local shelters and participating in community events reflects our commitment beyond just business success.

Eco-Conscious: Sustainability guides us — from using eco-friendly products to advising pet owners on environmentally responsible choices.

Education & Empowerment: We empower dog owners through information grounded in expertise and experience. Educating the public about pet care is as important as the services we offer directly.

Our Impact and Achievements

Pupkeen has made significant strides in the world of pet care since our inception in 2015. We’ve not just grown our customer base by 200% in three years; we’ve made a lasting impact on the lives of dogs and their owners.

Our innovation shines through our award-winning dog care app, which claimed the “Best Innovative Pet Care” title in 2019. This tool has helped thousands make smarter, more loving decisions for their pets every day.

Beyond digital solutions, we’ve published over 20 articles in top magazines, sharing cutting-edge research and practical advice that push the boundaries of traditional dog care. Our founders, John Doe and Jane Smith, have become sought-after speakers at pet care conferences around the globe, further establishing Pupkeen as a leader in this field.

Community is at our core. Through partnerships with local shelters and eco-friendly initiatives, we’ve supported not just the pets but also the planet they live on. Our efforts extend to improving lives — one happy wag at a time.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Pupkeen means choosing unparalleled dedication to your dog’s wellbeing. Our unique blend of heartfelt passion for animals and rigorous scientific approach sets us apart in an often crowded market.

Our personalized services—from nutrition plans crafted by experts to training guides developed by seasoned professionals—ensure that every aspect of your dog’s life is covered with care and precision.

Customers praise us not only for the results they see but also for our commitment to sustainable practices that respect our environment while ensuring premium quality.

With over 500 satisfied customers and endorsements from several well-known pet stores, it’s clear: Pupkeen stands as a beacon of trust and excellence in pet care. Join us on this journey to happier, healthier dogs across the nation.

Our Responsibility

Pupkeen believes deeply in making a positive impact, not just in the pet care industry but also on the broader community and environment. Our commitment extends beyond providing excellent care for dogs; it involves acting responsibly and ethically in all we do.

We champion eco-friendly products and sustainable practices in our operations, understanding that caring for pets includes preserving the world they live in. This dedication ensures that our footprint is as light as possible, reflecting our respect for nature.

Supporting local shelters is another cornerstone of our responsibility. We actively contribute to bettering the lives of animals without homes, knowing that every dog deserves love and safety. These efforts are crucial to our mission and reflect our values.

Diversity and inclusion guide us too. Pupkeen fosters an environment where everyone — employees, partners, customers — feels valued and respected, irrespective of background. This principle strengthens our community and enriches our collective experience with varied perspectives.

Engage With Us

Joining the Pupkeen family means more than just accessing services; it’s about becoming part of a passionate community committed to improving dogs’ lives everywhere. We invite you to connect with us through various channels:

  • Follow us on social media to stay updated on pet care tips, new products, and how we’re making a difference.
  • Visit our website for comprehensive guides on nutrition, training, health tips, and much more.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive content including insightful articles by John Doe and Jane Smith, special offers, and updates on our community initiatives.
  • Participate in workshops or events we host or support to meet fellow dog lovers and learn directly from experts.

We believe every interaction strengthens our mission and brings us closer to creating a world where every dog can enjoy a happy, healthy life. Reach out today — we’re excited to welcome you!