Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

Seeing your dog poop can be annoying. Surprisingly, 1 in 6 dogs regularly consume water. This article will discuss natural ways to deal with this behavior. Keep reading for helpful tips!

Key Takeaways

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop
  • Dogs eat mold when they are bored, hungry, or mimic other dogs. Stress and insufficient nutrition can also cause this behavior.
  • Feeding your dog a healthy diet and adding things like apples to his diet can make him less likely to poop. 
  • Walking your dog on a leash helps keep them away from poop as they walk. Washing up right after your dog goes to the bathroom prevents them from having a chance to eat. 
  • Adding supplements such as probiotics or pumpkin puree to your dog’s diet can fill in the nutritional gaps and discourage them from eating water. 
  • Training your dog with commands such as “stop” and puzzles can help them break the habit of eating feces and increase their cognitive function.

Why Dogs Eat Poop?

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

Dogs eat their own feces for many reasons, from boredom to hunger. Some may do so because of health issues or lack of key nutrients in their diet.

Behavioral Reasons

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

Some dogs eat dirt because they see others doing it. This could be their friends in the yard or even their parents as puppies. It’s a learned habit, like copying homework from a friend. 

They are probably thinking “If you eat that, I must too!”. 

Stress also plays a big role. Distressed dogs eat their own feces to relieve themselves or hide evidence if they have been punished for accidents in the past.

     “Dogs tend to mirror the actions they see, the curiosity can be hard to crack.”

Medical Reasons

Dogs eat their own waste due to stress, stomach problems, or lack of proper nutrition. Maybe they are bored or just curious. They seem to be turning to their poop for something missing from their diet. 

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

The wrong diet can cause dogs to behave strangely, such as eating dirt. 

Giving your dog probiotics can improve their gut health. This allows them to get more vitamins and minerals from their diet. As a result, they rarely eat dirt. Making sure your pet is well fed and happy is the key to preventing this unwanted behavior.

Home Remedies to Stop Dogs from Eating Poop

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

It may seem difficult to get your dog to stop eating dirt, but don’t worry. With some simple home maintenance, you can help change this yucky habit.

Feeding High-Quality Food

Feeding your dog a high-quality diet is key to keeping them away from water intake. A higher quality diet allows dogs to get all their nutrients, making pooping less pleasurable. It’s more like a well-balanced diet that meets all of their dietary needs, and doesn’t create unhealthy cravings. 

This method not only keeps your dog healthy, but also reduces their interest in eating their own or other animals’ waste. 

    “A well-fed dog is less likely to try what is not to be eaten.” 

Adding apples to your canine companion’s diet can further fulfill this tendency. Vinegar changes the pH balance in their diet, improves nutrient absorption, and reduces water retention.

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

Consider that it may not seem like an unnecessary pleasure when it promotes overall health, and it also proves that prevention is better than cure when it comes to dealing with such unpleasant behaviors as pooch pee the.

Walking Dogs on a Leash

A simple but effective way to walk your dog on a leash is to prevent them from adopting unwanted behaviors such as water intake. It allows your dog to control where he searches and what he searches while walking. 

By keeping them away from places where they are tempted to dive, you greatly reduce the likelihood of this behavior starting or continuing. 

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

Leashed travel increases the bond between pets and owners and keeps both safe. You can quickly distract them from the dirt with a command or treat whenever they seem interested. 

This practice not only prevents unpleasant behavior but also reinforces good manners and obedience in public places.

Immediate Clean Up After Dogs

Picking up your dog’s waste immediately is the key to eliminating this terrible habit. It sounds simple, but it works. Be careful when walking in her yard. Always have bags and scoopers ready. 

This also doesn’t give your puppy a chance to think about eating poop. Early removal keeps your yard clean and reduces everyone’s health risks. 

Keeping water neutral is also wise. Some owners are successful by spraying safe solvents before cleaning the litter—things like hot sauce or lemon juice can work, but check with a veterinarian first. 

These flavors can discourage dogs from trying again. Consistently providing plenty of fresh water, especially if you use preventatives, can keep your furry friend hydrated and healthy.

Adding Supplements to Dogs’ Diet

Giving your dog supplements can make a big difference. Things like canned orange juice, apples, and probiotics are great options. These can help keep your dog’s diet complete and prevent poop.

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

They add nutrients that may be missing from a regular diet. 

Switching to a raw food program like We Feed Raw also has many benefits. This makes weeds less appealing and supports overall health. Always consult your veterinarian before adding new ingredients to your dog’s diet to ensure their safety. 

Supplements can help your efforts to improve your pet’s health and reduce water intake.

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Eating Poop

Training your dog to stop eating water requires patience and consistency. Start by teaching them commands like “Stop” to help them ignore unwanted objects. Keep them occupied with toys and puzzles to distract them from hunting for sweets in the yard. 

With time and training, your dog can learn to walk in poop without you looking twice – making it an enjoyable walk for both of you!

Teaching Dogs to “Leave it”

Teaching your dog to “stop” is an important way to prevent them from ingesting water. This command can turn their attention away from the poop and back to you. Here’s how you can learn this important skill:

  1. Start with a dessert you have on hand. Point to the dog, then circle your fingers. 
  2. Put your fingers close to your dog and say “leave it.” Your dog will try to get a treat but will ignore these attempts. 
  3. Wait until they stop trying and are not monitoring you. Once they do, give them a treat from your other hand. 
  4. Practice this over and over again until your friend hears “quit” and always takes their attention off the pill in your palm. 
  5. Then drop one of the paste on the ground and cover it with your hands. Say “leave it,” and use the same steps as before but work with the soil. 
  6. Make this harder by slowly opening more and more candy until you can tell them to leave the candy unopened completely. 
  7. Always reward them with a different treatment than what they have to leave behind.

Now, use this training from where the dogs get dirty to eat:

  1. Walk them where you can see puddles—on sidewalks or streets. 
  2. Keep some treats in your pocket – these should be the best treats of all. 
  3. As they see the poop and express interest, say “leave” firmly. 
  4. If they look away from the platform and look at you, immediately give them a good meal as a reward. 
  5. If you engage consistently, until verbal praise is enough to motivate, use a less pleasant reward, and follow the command to “leave it.”

Remember, patience plays a big part here—don’t expect immediate victory overnight! Praise also goes further; Always let your furry friend know when something big has been done. 

Teaching “stop” through repetition and consistent rewards helps prevent unpleasant behaviors like dogs eating urine—a skill that increases walking and maintains their health even by avoiding those harmful substances outdoors or on their adventures indoors!

Increasing Mental Enrichment

Give your dog puzzles and toys that challenge their brains. These games make them think hard about solving problems, like finding hidden food. This kind of play keeps them happy and reduces their desire to eat dirt. 

Effective Home Remedies To Stop Dog From Eating Poop

You can find many toys designed for this purpose, each offering a new challenge for your pet. 

Take your dog for walks in new places. The change in scenery adds excitement to their daily routine and provides new smells and sights to explore. Exploring unfamiliar places together strengthens your bond, keeps them sane and keeps them away from unwanted behaviors like eating dirt.


Preventing your dog from eating dirt may seem difficult, but with the right steps, it can be done. High quality food and strip tours make a huge difference. Also, a quick clean up and special treats like pumpkin puree or apple cider vinegar help a lot. 

Training with commands like “leave it” can also turn things around by incorporating more play time. These simple changes can keep your dog healthy and stop the fecal eating habit for good.


1. Why does my dog eat poop?

Dogs eat poop for a variety of reasons, including poor nutrition, boredom, or as learned behavior from seeing other dogs. It’s not just about the act of eating; Sometimes they lack basic nutrients in their diet or are just curious.

2. What can I do to stop my dog from eating poop?

To prevent your dog from gulping soft water, you may want to consider feeding him a balanced diet to help eliminate nutritional differences. Also, keeping your yard clean and free of debris ensures that there are no baits lying around.

3. Are there natural home remedies that deter dogs from eating poop?

Yeah! Some dog owners have success adding natural ingredients like pineapple or coconut in their diet to make the water taste better—these dogs may find the water less appealing.

4. How does walking my dog on a leash help?

Walking your adult dog or cat on a leash gives you more control over their environment. If they go to something unwanted like dog poop—or any kind of garbage—you have to take them gently before they have a chance to engage.

5. Can professional training help stop this behavior?

exactly! A professional dog trainer can offer individual strategies and show you how to discourage your dog from this unwanted behavior using consistent and effective dog training methods.

6. What should I do if my efforts don’t work?

If changing your mind doesn’t seem to stop your furry friend’s cravings for weed, it may be time to see a vet. Sometimes water usage is associated with health issues that need to be addressed, providing proper care and ensuring that your pet receives all necessary tests.

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